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    This course is a rigorous course in mathematics designed to prepare students for post-secondary education in science, engineering, or mathematics. It is also designed to be a survey course, which touches on all of the major branches of mathematics, including advanced functions and calculus, statistics, algebra and geometry. The curriculum strikes a balance between breadth and depth, focusing on developing an appreciation for the major ideas in mathematics. If you were only going to take one course in mathematics, this should be the one!

    The Diploma Program physics course is designed to be a rigorous course in physics intended to prepare students with the necessary tools for entering further studies in science or engineering in post-secondary education. Both theoretical physics using the language of mathematics and experimental physics are emphasized. In addition, the curriculum is broad, giving students to opportunity to appreciate both classical and modern physics, as well as some the philosophical and societal issues that arise. To summarize, if you could one take one physics course in your life -- this should be it!